Friday, 28 February 2014


I looked like Chibi Maruko-chan when I was really young.
I had a weird way of calling dogs. Maybe not just dogs...

Something to think about...

Abby Lim

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

That Awkward Handshake

Hey chums! Have you encounter anything like this? This shit is cray cray.

I don't know man... It's awkward as hell. Why can't you go around towards your friend man?! In between?! Why? Just why? =..="


Abby Lim

Monday, 24 February 2014

I'm Short

Hey chums! Another week to go through, which means another dose of me!
This time, it's a bit more out of my comfort zone. Yes, and that is my height!
I'm short, just about or around 5 feet tall. I used to moan about how short I am, but now I must say, I don't really mind it anymore. It's just that there are some difficulty that I face because I'm about this yay height. Only some, and here are some I'd like to share.

Since I'm short, it's always a "fun" thing to do when you got crammed in a packed train. It happened to me while I was studying back in college. I needed to use the train to college and back then. When you get stucked in a train packed with people during the weekdays, who do you encounter? Workers and students! Duh. Most people around me will be really tall. My head will be near their armpits. Moreover, I'm nearer to ground (hah making fun of myself) so I could smell EVERYTHING. Also, I feel like I'm being consumed, like swallowed in a deadly Black Hole since it is packed with taller people. Lord, have mercy. But gladly, I only survived these journey for a few stops. Don't really want to jinx it, but it'll all be a cycle again when I'm heading back to further study few months later. Lord, have mercy (x2).

Now, the second one would be that I couldn't fit in those long cute dresses! I mean it would fit perfectly on the top half of my body, but definitely not the length! They will never hit on the length of my ankles! Well, I could buy them. However, it's such a waste to hack off a few inches of a beautiful dress ain't it? So then, I only opt for normal dresses. Sadly. And my hand here looks a little retarded but I don't really care to edit it because it's just going to be THERE. Meh.

Another problem that I encounter as a short person is this. When I'm behind someone who is much taller than me, even a step away from me on an escalator, the butt of that person will seemed to be on my face. Well, not literally, but it feels like it. Moreover, if you know that I'm afraid of height (ironically), you'd know I have to control myself from looking anywhere and not focus the height. So I always either have to look down or in front of me. Is a phobia of mine throughout my childhood and now. If you don't know the story, here is the link.
You know what else I have to bear with? Holding my breath. Because why? You know why.

I'm sorry this have to end with another stinky story. I even start it off stinky too. How wonderful. Anyways, I hope that these doesn't offend anyone. These are just from my perspective and my own experience. This is somewhat nerve-wrecking to share because it is out of my comfort zone. But you know what? I'm totally ok with it now, because I know that there are so many positive sides to being a short person. Admitting and accepting ourselves only makes us human. We are not perfect. We are all different for a reason. You just need to know how to deal with the problems or get over it. Life's too short to complain about little things! Love yourself :)

Abby Lim

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Rolls Around

I really have to keep my promise in being fit. I feel so guilty right after Chinese New Year. All them biscuits. All them fooooooods. Couldn't resist. At least I was really happy enjoying them. Time to start eating clean again.

I ate so much I could feel myself growing into a ball and just roll. Not that extreme in reality though. I did put on a little weight but that doesn't bother me. It just bothers me because I want to eat clean and stay healthy haha. But hey, eating means got food, got food means satisfaction, satisfaction means happy. It's happiness. Appreciate it! Satisfaction~ Omnomnomnom

How do you like this format of comic? Much better? Let me know! :)

Abby Lim

Monday, 17 February 2014

Bipolar Weather

Ahoy there! Yarr matey!
So, how's it going? Was your Valentine's Day well spent? Or you're the same with me? Just sat at home and ate chocolates in front of the laptop? It's ok~ If you're still single, remember, you only get into relationship BECAUSE you know him/ her well enough. Don't settle for less and definitely DO NOT settle into a relationship BECAUSE you're lonely. Ya know, there could be someone waiting for you. Just right in front of you, who could take care of you, who could cope with you, who will fight for you, who will respect everything about/ around you. Be wise. If you are taken, I hope you had fun! :)

Alrighty then! Let's put all the lovey dovey moments aside and start on this comic! It's so fresh. It's so bright. Yes, I've drawn this comic fully using my computer. Bit rubbish looking but it's a first! I'm quite satisfied with it really.
Basically, the weather nowadays, from the start of Chinese New Year have been really crappy. The weather gets super duper hot a minute and then rains heavily the next. Really bipolar. This is one of the situation that happened to me the other day.

I shouldn't have jinxed it. I should have just kept quiet and let all my clothes soak the sun and dry instantly. Not to worry though. I had all my clothes back in and just hang them up to dry. But they just take longer time. le *sigh*

Since the weather is already so hot in February, then I'm guessing that March will be a painful, dreadful month to survive for me. I'm just gonna wear short shorts, light sleeveless tops, eat more ice-cream and stay indoors. Who am I kidding with? I stay indoors all day errday. HAHAHAHAHAHA *cries*

Have a nice day! :)

Abby Lim

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Disney Princess

PLEASE. Tell me you watch Disney movies. If not, then you've missed out HELLA LOT! Cannot be. I don't believe you.
I love watching old and new Disney movies! Who doesn't?!
Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Princess and the Frog, Rapunzel, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, 101 Dalmatians, The Jungle Book, The Lion King, Tarzan, Mulan, Brave and etc. The list is ENDLESS.
But the main thing I want to talk about here is the princesses that we watch.

Let's just say that I'm NOT a typical girl who fantasises the rescue from their prince charming. 
I just find it very hopeless. But hey, that's my preference.
I actually have so many other reasons why I don't prefer the princesses who waits for their prince charming. But let's not get into to it so deep that I create a shit storm later on.
So you'd probably get the gist here right now.
I prefer princesses like Mulan and Merida! Well, actually, Mulan is not a princess. BUT ANYWAYS... They are kickass girls who are not afraid to stand up and fight!
Mulan saves the whole China come on! Merida ain't scared of anything, and and and her hair omg her hair. 


I want to be like Mulan and Merida and kick some ass. But I'm a whimp so it's okay.
If you haven't watch Mulan and Brave, what are you waiting for? GO WATCH.
This post is a little random really. But I just had these thoughts in my mind that I just want to let out.

What's your favourite Disney princesses and prince?

Hey, the drawings are kinda odd. Everything is digitally drawn. Yes. I've been trying to do so. Kinda failed at some parts... Most parts. But it's my first time so I'll get used to it someday. I even tried drawing some of the many faces of me. However, the colours weren't fixed and looked a little weird. But I'll get them fixed.

I can't wait to show you more in the future! This time, I don't need to waste papers and colour pens for a shitty drawing! I'm really happy haha.

I've also randomly drawn out a pair of eyes, which I don't know who's eyes those are. Digital drawing just feels like magic.

Anyways, have a great week ahead!
"Psst, Valentine's Day on Friday."
"Shaddap lah Abby."

Abby Lim

Monday, 10 February 2014

My Ideal Date

Valentine's Day coming on Friday! You plan out your date already or not?!
No worries, I could give you some ideas of what might be suitable for your date or for someone like me.
"Pfft. Might as well just say how I want MY date to be like."
No lah... haha

To me, if I were to be with someone who I love, spending time together every day is something to be appreciated anyways! You don't have to appreciate that ONE day only with the one you love. Valentine's Day is a day where you could do something special and memorable together. But hey, why not make EVERY moment special in every day with him/her? If I were to spend time having it special on Valentine's Day, I don't mind it all not being fancy shmancy. No need candle light dinner- just us hanging out.

Yea... I just want to do things together. That'll be worth the 'special day' and memories to be kept. I don't like going on a movie date, because I'm watching movie, not him. I don't like going out to a candle light dinner, because I don't like spending so much money for a damn dinner then go home even though I ain't the one paying. I just don't ask too much.
But I love roses though... so... HEHE

How are you spending your special day with him/ her?

Abby Lim

Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Valentine's Day 2014

So, how are you planning to spend on your Valentine's Day since it is around the corner?
Are you single? Taken?
What do you do when you're single? Date with your girlies? Hang out with your bros? Eat and sleep?
What do you do when you're taken? Do you have a ritual? Simple, fun or romantic?

Let me tell you how I celebrate every year since grade 6. I ALWAYS buy boxes of chocolates and distribute to my classmates, schoolmates, friends, teachers and of course; my crush.
I remember I either distribute them in the morning before the lesson begun or during my lunch break. It's like an every year ritual to me since then and until back in college. It's fun and I love giving a little happiness :)

But then... Since I have a long break now, and don't really meet my friends because they are spreaded really far away from where I stay, I don't get to do this. :( </3

I guess I'll eat chocolates alone at home. TT^TT

Abby Lim

Friday, 7 February 2014

Grasshopper Hunting

What's one your favourite memories back in pre-school?
I have one, a great one actually.
I used to hunt grasshoppers with my great friend, Jess, back then when we are in primary four. I've studied in an international school back in Shanghai for two years.
It was a great experience.

So then, every recess time, we would always run to the hilly field of our school right after we had our lunch.
Let me tell you, there weren't just grasshoppers that we hunt.
There were PLENTY of different types of bugs in the field.
It was almost like a bug kingdom or some sort.

Anyways, that's not the point.
The point is that me and this really good friend of mine were used to LOVE hunting grasshoppers and set them free individually at our own home's garden.

Hey you, you despise bugs?- I wasn't. But now I do.

Now that I'm living in a landed house, there's always bound to have grasshoppers hanging out in my garden. I've even seen a ton of hatchlings/ babies on my mum's freaking potted plants.
Seriously, I'm cringing while typing these.

No thanks, I'll just 'nope' my way out of your sight.

Side note! 
I have officially made a Facebook Page to reach out to you readers in an easier way. So go on and give a 'Like' and if you want to be notified, click 'Get Notifications'. Thank you! :)

Abby Lim

Thursday, 6 February 2014

"Play With Yourself"

Hey there!
I'm posting almost every single day yea?

Anyways, this post is about what happened during a lecture back in college.
We all have that moment where we capture our inside jokes or just tease a little here and there. Especially when you sit right beside your really close friend during lectures.

So here's what happened.

"Play with yourself."

We are the 'best' students ever.

Can't disclose who the lecturer is. However, I think he/ she isn't teaching at the college I've studied anymore.
It's a memory to remember.

Abby Lim

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Butterflies In My Stomach

You like someone, you have that tingling feeling in your guts.
No, not the pain you get when you're about to diarrhoea, silly.
"Butterflies In My Stomach."

How it feels like to me?
Let's just say it feels less like some insects flapping its wings in your gut.
That just sounds so so so unappealing.
It's more like...
trembling/ shivering,
Smile for no apparent reason even when staring blankly to nothing,
the thought of the smile that itself could lit up the day,
the thought of wanting to know more about this person,
that feeling of doubt whether or not I should just say it,
the fear of being CRUSHED instead of crushing.

Uh... Yea... He'd probably thought I'm heading off to the washroom.
Why?-"Butterflies in my stomach."
Holding your stomach/ tummy and then say you head somewhere else is just...
He'd probably think I went to poo. HAHA

I suck... TT^TT

Abby Lim

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Chinese New Year- Aunties

I'm back from Chinese New Year break babeh!
I went back to my hometown and ate, slept, and repeat everything.
Gained some weight though... TT.TT
But that's completely normal though.
If you don't gain any weight on Chinese New Year, then something must be wrong here, my friend.
Three days worth of constant stuffing myself with food.
Three days worth of sniffling and sneezing because of the different environment.
I could actually sense myself getting a little sick.
Anyways, here's one scenario I got from my Chinese New Year visit to my grandmother's place.
Mother's side.

*popo = grandmother
*Aneh Chio = so pretty

My grand aunt, if I don't look like my mum I like look like who?!
And and and, WHY MARRY?!
I'm still young!
My grandmother... She was literally chopping up a pumpkin in the living room just as I got there.

All these shenanigans. It's inevitable. It comes after you every year when you visit any aunties during Chinese New Year.

"You got girlfriend/ boyfriend or not?"
"You married already or not?"
"What are you doing now? Are you duh doctor or engineer?"
"You pregnant already or not?"

Just loads of Blahs... Blah blah blah...
But got Ang Paus so... HEHEH.

Hope you have a great Chinese New Year!

Abby Lim