Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Year of Horse (2014)


It's the year of horse!
My sneaky wish though...
"More Tao Hua for me please."
And yes, I'm born in the year of rooster.
Shouldn't I be a hen...?
Anyway, I wish those who celebrates Chinese New Year a prosperous one!
Oh hey, my Chinese ain't that rusty YET.
Also, I've tried drawing horses early this month.
Oh yea, I can't wait until around the middle of the month.
So enthusiastic for it.
Failed a little here and there, but I'm pretty satisfied with this one.
Inspired by a Disney film, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002).
I LOVE that film!
That horse is so handsome.
Ok... What?

Here, as you can see, I used a forest green and a blue watercolour pencils on the edges of the horse.

This is how it looks like after I go over it with a wet brush.

Who needs a unicorn when our beautiful world have beautiful Stallions?

Abby Lim

Monday, 27 January 2014


Dangerous thing in messaging.
Definitely not new.
I haven't experience the pain until not long ago.
Your message seen, not replied, you know how that feels?
Yea, that uh... that.
I know how it feels now.

Well, to be more specific, it is even more painful when the 'someone' is your crush.
Seen. Few hours ago.
"What's the worst it could happen eh?"
"Just 'Hi' only what..."

Fucking hell.


Abby Lim

Friday, 24 January 2014


I'm pretty sure you're really afraid of at least something throughout your life so far.
So *ehem*. As a psychology student, I'll do a favour and DEFINE Phobia for ya.
It is an anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation in which makes one commits to great lengths in avoiding it/them.

Ok, first of all, I HATE ceiling geckos!
Why?- I got crawled on my right leg TWICE.
It felt like as if it was a cat's tail wagging on your feet, but HELL it's not!
Then slowly it felt cold and sticky because of its disgusting suction padded feet!
Where it happened?- Once, at a local restaurant.
Second time, in a car at a car parking lot.
I danced and screamed.
Heart raced like fuck.

But wait, I have another Phobia.
It is THE WORST Phobia I have throughout my life.
What is it?- Height
To me, height is like death. Especially when I look down from a story high.
The thought of falling down from a higher platform to the ground makes me shivers.
And here's how I'm conditioned to this Phobia:

I fell from an escalator at a local mall when I was a kid.
Probably when I was a primary school kid.
The escalator fucking stopped all of a sudden and I tripped, rolled, and fall right to the ground. Wounded, but not badly wounded.
But that split moment of fear of dying, I swear, I really thought I almost died.
What if I fell and became a vegetable?
That fear, oh my goodness.

But thank goodness, I still use escalators normally.
However, I will be slow as I step onto it.
People look at me as if I'm cray cray.


So uh... What are you afraid of?

Abby Lim

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Reason Why I'm Single: #2

Another reason why I'm a fail.
I fall for those who are most likely impossible to be with.
Well, at least that's how I was then. Not much of these situation currently as I speak.
So I'll break it down for ya.

Too lazy to colour in everything for this post. I'm still figuring out what kind of style I want.

So yea... I can't be the only girl with typical reasons like these.
Very typical...

If you haven't seen part one, here's the link! :)

Abby Lim

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Fan-art: From The Sticks (#1, 2014)

This is the first fan-art for From The Sticks in 2014 that I did.
I could never forget to make you guys one once in a while. :)
Like... How could I not?!

Well of course this is inspired by your songs all put together, especially Ocean Flaws!
Keep it up lads! Proud #stickhead over here! Hahaha!

Links to their band:

Abby Lim

Sunday, 19 January 2014

How to Fail at Life

My life currently is literally consists of my face stuck to the screen for hours every day.
And you know what phrase I use?

"Become a potato."

Yup, I'm a potato all day errday. Why potato? Because uh... couch potato you know, then uh... I'm on the internet... Oh, I don't know! Just... POTATO.

I don't have that bean-baggy couch though. I wish I have one. Wait, no... Or else I'll REALLY become a potato like this one.

I have no life... *cries*

Abby Lim

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Reason Why I'm Single: #1

Have you ever wonder why you're still single sometimes? Not one bit? Ah, it couldn't be.
Anyway, this is one of the reason why I'm still single.

Protective mum...

But hey, most of the time, mum knows what's best for you. So don't take anything for granted. When you're down, they will always be there to pick you right back up.

My cartoon skill is... *bangs head on le table*

Chinese New Year haven't even start, and I see so many Valentine's Day deco/ gifts/ chocolates all over the malls. Chill please, chill...

Abby Lim

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Drawing: The Big Hair and Hibiscus

Hi everyone!
So this post is really random. I have heck no idea how I came out with this piece here but here it is.

While I was drawing this, I was all aimless. All I used was watercolour pencils, marker pens and black gel pen.

I wanted to practise drawing asians as I am REALLY bad at it.. then aimlessly drew a face out which I have heck no idea who this looks like. Then, aimlessly just coloured the hair BIG. Then just used my black pen and scribble the freaking hair. At the same time I wanted to add a flower on top of the head. Then I added Hibiscus, because I thought that's my national flower, so why not eh?

Then this whole thing just became a piece without a plan. Just random thoughts at the moment while drawing.

Well, most of what I draw throughout my life are not perfect looking. There's always mess and things that don't make sense. At least to me. But the more I look at the mess, the more I like it. I'm weird in my own way.


Abby Lim

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Drawing: Pink Roses

Hi there!
So this will be my first ever serious art blog post as well as the second blog post of the year. As you can tell by the title, yes, they are some pink roses.

I've always been loving roses. They are one of my favourite type of flower. However, the white roses are just not my taste. In my opinion, they just look dead. :/ Ahaha..

Other than roses, I also love tulips, daisies, water lilies, pertunas, carnations and morning glories. Well, I'm not a green thumb so it's sad that I can't keep/ grow any of these. Besides, the weather of where I live, a big no no. They will all just die.

Enough of me babbling about flowers and lets get to the drawings.

So for my drawing here, I used Crayolas' Super Tips Washable Markers (the only markers I have for now), Faber Castell's Manga set which I own for years (barely used it often), Faber Castell's watercolour pencils, and lastly Monami's permanent marker pen. 

So I start of by sketching out the desired roses in the positions I like.

Then I used the pink marker and light green/ lime green marker to go all over the roses and the leaves. 

Used the red and the green marker for the shades.

After that, I go ahead and used one of the shade off the Manga set to do further shading to give some dimensions and depths.

Added the background shade with a black coloured watercolour pencil and used Monami's permanent marker to outline everything. 

This is the result!

Roses are really difficult to draw. They take really long for me to even finish sketching! But roses aren't meant to look perfect most of the time anyway. Their petals go everywhere and anywhere.

I used an iPhone 4s to capture all the photos by the way. I have no fancy shmancy DSLR camera.

Thanks for viewing! :)

Abby Lim