Monday, 30 June 2014

Walking in Kuala Lumpur vs. Walking in Singapore

Based on what I've experienced so far, during that one whole week of vacation in Singapore, people walk really fast there. Doesn't matter if they are running to school or work, but in general. I understand that they live in a quite fast paced lifestyle. However, for someone who walks and chills, it kinda shocked me a little haha.

Ya' know, as a Malaysian, I know many people still walk super slow and chill even though they are late for work or school.

I guess no one really goes to work and schools late in Singapore...?

I may be wrong.. but it doesn't seem like it will ever happen haha.

Time is gold. Gold is time.

Abby Lim

Sunday, 29 June 2014

When I was in K.L. VS. When I was in J.B.

When I was in Kuala Lumpur vs. When I was in Johor Bahru a few days back...

Can this weather get anymore ridiculous??!
Now no one recognises me outside! HAHA.
Well not as bad now though.. (not jinxing it.)

*I heard that Kuala Lumpur have haze now? That devilish thing is back? Take good care of your health and drink more water~

Abby Lim

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Remembering Michael Jackson

I'd loved to share a bunch of quotes about him and how he made some changes and differences to our lives who are inspired by him. But then, the post will be too long if I do that haha. Well, he is a legend, a great entertainer, a great father of 3 children, a king of pop.

"Be the instruments! Feel the music!"

"If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with." 

I remembered. My first memory about him is I asked my mum "Um, mummy? Is that a girl or a guy?" She then said "That's Michael Jackson! He is a guy.." And then I go "Whoah! He is amazing! He is so talented!"
I remembered. When I heard of his unfortunate death, I was in the midst or near of having my Form 3 or Form 4 3rd Term Examination. Sad.

Today, I shall share some of my art work that I did last month in the remembrance of Michael Jackson. He is an inspiration.

We may not know him in person but his songs touch many souls.

Remembering Michael Jackson.

Abby Lim

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Women and Bags

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA so frequently! Today, I’m back with a simple comic for you! As you know, I moved to a place where I’m near the border to Singapore. I’m still in Malaysia of course. Therefore, I’ll always be MIA until I’m stable with adjusting to my own schedules. Which means, it could be as long as until next month?

Anyway, enough with the story of an uninteresting side of my life, here’s the comic! :B

You can tell a lot about a woman by looking at her bag and what’s IN their bag.

I'll let you guess mine.

Abby Lim

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


New comic? FINALLY!

So, here's what happened when I met up Kyl-li in Singapore.

Seriously bruh, what duh actually freck?!
But, seriously serious though, he's obviously not okay for doing that after that.

I laughed. Oops.

Abby Lim

Saturday, 14 June 2014

My Journey to Singapore

I have been away... um, hi? :B
So how are things while I'm away? I haven't rest as much as I did before (lol, pig) I come down to Johor Bahru... That's what I can say.
I have been walking non-stop everyday since I got to Singapore. I just go everywhere and anywhere but haven't been to many other places yet.
Yup... I haven't been to Marina Bay Sands, see the Merlion, and definitely not Universal Studio yet. Well, maybe one day I will go to those places.

Anyways, during the whole trip from Kuala Lumpur, to Johor Bahru, and to Singapore, I have drawn some sketches. I've posted them on my Facebook Page:

One of the sketches. This was when I'm stuck at the Second Link Custom from Johor Bahru to Singapore.
*Do not mind the spelling, grammar and weird looking mistakes. I'm exhausted throughout my journey back and forth lol!

Also, I made the biggest mistake of eating spicy and fried food while traveling. So my journey is basically me having sore-throat.

C'mon... those are awesome Pontian Wan Tan Mee ok. You should try.

I met a lot of lovely new people during these few days. I met my old friends, even the ones I haven't seen or hung out for ages. I may have two or more comics to come, so keep it a look out! They are from when I hung out with one of my friends who you may be familiar with! :)

Also, Just look at these beautiful view that I took using my iPhone from Vivo City. Just look at it.

Right, so before I head back down to Johor Bahru, I used a good hour and a half to sketch these.

Haven't sketch like that in years (honestly).

So, before I end my blog entry here, I need to tell you something.

Singapore is very duh HOT!
Even Johor Bahru...

Abby Lim

Saturday, 7 June 2014

A Loner's Dream

Do you have the loneliest dream ever?

Nah, I don't.

*if you take this one seriously, I have no words for you.

Abby Lim

I'll Be Away For Awhile

Hello everyone~ Another day of update with what's happening around me. Sweet. Bitter? Whatever.

First thing first, I've been out of breath just running everywhere doing errands and me getting ready and all that crap again. Everything just don't seem to get done as things just come one after another. I'm always informed this way since the end of last month anyway. So, I end up rushing things up one after another. I still haven't have some stuffs done by a week or two. I hate getting informed in a really unorganised way. That's just not me. Kinda pissed off on the way too, so gah! Not liking this month...

Makes me wanna do this:

On that note, I'll be away for probably 4- 5 days from Sunday onwards. God knows when I'll be back with more updates, but that's what I will say for now. Also, no internet for that period of time (laughing in agony). Therefore, I'll be bored as fuck for that period of time unless I bring along a sketch book or go out of my way to get free wifi. Just need to work out on how to deal with those days. I'll be sure to bring back some sketches if it happens anyway.

I also helped drawing a teeny tiny request for an interweb friend of mine, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for future sharing of it on my Facebook Page. So, just wait alright? :) Patience, my friend.

Anyway, no matter how hectic and rage-worthy my days can be, I'll end up feeling happy when I get on and do something like drawing random shit or chat up with some people when I'm online in the end of the day. Then... stay up late til 2 - 3 am. ._." heheh..

So yea... see ya soon <3

Abby Lim 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Half A Year Already?

Wait what? Half a year already? Half of 2014 is gone before I knew it. Dang. So what have you been up to? I have been really busy with packing up things and running some errands for these two months. That explains the lack of posting on this blog. Well, technically I still update every week. However, I didn't do as much as I used to early this year.

Let me just tell you what this post is going to be so that you don't have to go on reading and get bored anyways. No, this blog post isn't about my long ass stories with how my year is so far. This post is just going to be a little chitty chatty conversation with you.

As some of you may know, I have been busy packing up stuffs and getting ready to move down and study in Singapore. No, I'm not gonna stay there in the country itself because I couldn't possibly afford it. I'm going to stay somewhere near there. Therefore, I have to do a lot of traveling back and forth whilst I'm there. Just have to work things out along the way as I get there. I have already moved down some of my things there so far. However, I still get so conscious about what to bring and all that crap. I worry too much HAHA. It's alright, I can survive.

Anyways, I got really bored with my entertainment around the social media yesterday. There's nothing seemingly interesting to me nowadays to be honest. I'm not that interesting too. So I'm just doodling crap on my Photoshop.

It's all about perspectives. My "creative" brain when I'm bored.

Also, I've been obsessed with this meme just recently. And I have no idea why have I ONLY JUST been obsessed with it recently. This one.

This meme, a derpy Matt Smith (Doctor Who) meme. Yea that. It best describes my feeling towards certain people who annoys me. Just perfect. I might even use this again in the future posts just because it exaggerates my point.

Anyways, hope you are well :B

Abby Lim