Monday, 22 June 2015

I Don't Know!

Hiiiiiii... I finally have time to draw and came up with this. I haven't drawn in ages and thought I might have became a little rusty haha. Anyway, this happened and I don't know why it happened.

I asked him why he did this and he really don't know why he did it. So random...
But kinda cute though? He have many other random gestures which always make me question why he did them, and his response is this. 

Abby Lim

Thursday, 5 February 2015


Hey peeps! I know. I'm stuck in this never ending bad habits of updating my blog regularly. Well, priorities. Speaking of priorities, you know what's coming up soon right? YES. Valentine's Day. The damn day that seems like a lot of singles dread, the time where people get all mushy and romantic, and the time where we just spend time with friends or family like any other regular day. 

I know some people might be spending these timing trying to find love before they get all "ERMAHGERD, I'M FOREVER ALONE" on that day. Not gonna lie, I was there at one point in my life. Because stupidity happens to everyone at one point in their life. But slowly I just continue whatever the fuck I normally do annually. I give away chocolates to everyone around me that I know. Also, I spend most of the time just being with friends or watch TV series at home and question the meaning of time. *cough*

If you read my October post, my aviator cupid apparently did his job and have kept him instead of my plan hiring another cupid from October last year, after me telling him off. Well done, I'm happier than ever now. I'm not one to shove things into lovely people's face here. But yea, at least here's a life update for you if you're interested (or not) anyways, since I've been MIA for some time. He's awesome and I love him.

MOVING ON... here's a comic. Hehe.

*More coughs* yea I freaking used farts as a metaphor and the quote I saw floating around the interweb inspired me to draw this comic. Why? In my opinion, farting is like the gateway to show "yup, very comfortable in this position already" in a relationship. Just that it's either you'll get Chuck Norris-ed by your partner after doing so or you just go "yea, that's a good one right there". Very romantic, right? *questioning myself after all these explanation*.... Nevermind. No shame!! Also, shut up with the 'girls don't fart' thing. I still don't get this term from people who don't understand human anatomy. You fart, I fart, everyone farts. Just shut up.

ANYWAYS, learn to love the day by loving yourself. If you think about it, it's not a big deal. Don't like people being around all mushy? Turn away OR be happy for them. There's no time to feel cynical and desire the love that others have. It's very contradicting. Also, don't force love. It will make both sides or even yourself only, feeling miserable. You'll absolutely know it when you have a reciprocal feelings with someone, just have to wait for the time to come. Very cliche, but if shit happens, move on anyway. Happiness starts from you, don't let a damn event take over these life burning questions you have and be hard on yourself. Love you, do you. 

It's just another day.

"A relationship is like a fart... If you force it, it's probably crap."

Abby Lim 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas! (2014)

Hey readers! My mere appearance/ posting updates are out of track as usual... heheh...

Been quite busy (not so much as it seems) these days, I also have my own holiday planning so far. So since I'll be away for my holidays (I'm always away...), I thought why not make an effort to post a greeting?!

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Abby Lim

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Big Hero 6 Fanart

I love Big Hero 6.
Also, I couldn't sleep last night, so then I drew this.

"Are you satisfied with your care?"

I still suck at shadowing and lighting.
But oh wells...
It's the passion that counts.

Miss drawing like this.

Abby Lim

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

One Job

Hello! It's already going to an end of September. Can you hear the holiday spirit coming any time soon? It's as soon as you thought! 

Anyway, this month have been ups and downs to me. Fairly weird amount of happenings too. One of them is receiving tons and tons of weird and creepy messages that just creeped the buh-geez outta me. I really don't deserve them and I really hope that it won't happen again.

Also, my blonde-Aviator-wearing cupid is not doing his job properly so far.


As much I love the feeling of being flattered, I JUST DON'T. I can't, will not, never will accept creeps from the internet who are floating around. Just, NOPE. Not sorry about it neither.

If Aviator cupid is not doing his job properly, I'm going to hire someone else. I swear.

Side note, I couldn't wait for October. It's my favourite month of each year (besides December, because food). I'm already having that October mood during these 2 weeks. That cozy warmth feeling.

October, please be good to me.

Abby Lim

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Space Bubbles

Hey peeps! Yes! I'm back, after monthssssss... I've been really busy with college and adapting new environment. Let's just say that I've gotten the hang of it so far. These few months have been great for me even though it can be really tiring. It's really not easy to travel across the border almost every damn day to college, okay?

There have been good things that stepped into my life these few months, much appreciated. However, there's many weird situations that I encounter in Singapore and one of which was this (click to see).

During the past few months, I realized that my personal space was kind of invaded. Yes, I'm talking about PERSONAL SPACE BUBBLES. Everyone has their own personal space bubbles, some just don't have it at all. I'm talking about some who are friendly. VERY friendly.

Average people's personal space bubble is about 3 feet gap away from each other. Unless, you're a kin, or boyfriend or girlfriend, or really awesome close friends. This guy, out of the world. There's literally NO ONE sitting at the other corner of the lounge area. Seated as close as a few centimeters away, peeks into my iPad while I'm watching YouTube videos... Fuck's sake.

Of course, I resorted to leaving the fuck away from that spot before anything else gets weirder. It's already weird enough.

Have this happened to you? How close is too close?

Abby Lim