Monday, 30 December 2013

2014 Resolutions

Time just passes in a blink of an eye. We have to say farewell to 2013. I didn't even catch on how fast the time pass especially in celebrations and festivals happened this year. Maybe mainly because it wasn't seem as festive this year. I'm sitting here thinking- what happened this year during Chinese New Year, Raya, Deepavali, and Christmas? It's way too fast. 

I had mentioned some of the memories that pinned into my head on my post on My Rewind 2013- earlier when I just started my blog. Pretty much most of them are on the happy things that I have written are on positive notes I experienced this year. I appreciate knowing and cherish so many people in my life in 2013. I had some fun back in college, went to places with my mates. However, it did not end there, because recently I have both bad and good experiences as well. 

Just recently, probably about a week ago, I've lost a friend I knew back in high school. It still hits me knowing she's my first friend who had passed away. But what I do know is that it is inevitable. We have to move on and what's more important is to understand that things just go the way it is. We couldn't change the past but we could appreciate what we have NOW. Never take anything for granted. It's now or never.

Furthermore, I celebrated Christmas in a cozy way this year. Didn't go anywhere, just being with family and stay cozy at home. Visited a family friend on Christmas Eve, exchanged presents. Nothing much this year. It just doesn't seemed as exciting as I could remember since young. Maybe growing up, I feel like I do not expect more from others. I did not expect anything from my family. All that matters are the thoughts that count and being together on Christmas. However, I did got a pair of bracelets from my mum. It is pretty :) Blogged on it as well!-

Not too long ago on the 28th, I've met a Malaysian comic artist, Ernest Ng! It was a book signing event as it is his first ever comic book series. He is known mainly as a webcomic artist who owns this blog- Go check his comics out you will not regret it! My blog post on it is here- He likes the gifts I gave him! ^_^ Yay!

Aside from those shenanigans, I have realized that I have little improvement on my body. My tummy is a little smaller than compared to early 2013. I've cut down soda drinks and snacks a lot. However, early this year until September I was still studying at college. So I did still consume some fast food during that time of the year. But I refrained soft drinks for nearly about a year now. Instead of taking those unhealthy drinks, I have been taking up more hot green tea, chinese tea, water, fruit juices, and coffee. Definitely lost maybe about few inches on my waist now, didn't measure anything but I do realize it myself. I realize it by looking at how many new trousers I had restocked this year. Haha.

Oh so now we move on to New Year's Resolutions huh? Let me just tell you, I did not do any resolutions for my 2013. However, I did wished that it could be somewhat a good year. I had some ups and downs but I never regret some of the experiences I had. So before I move on to discuss on my New Year's Resolutions of 2014, I would like to point out that some may just be utter bullshit. Let's face it. Procrastination is always the obstacle to whatever you want to do. Moreover, choices of what you make to look forward to achieve, may change its directions whenever there are also other obstacles. That is why I'm always hoping for the best but do not get my hopes way too high generally. Things should be balanced. Nothing's perfect. 

So here are my New Year's Resolutions:
  1. Smile more, what's the worse it could happen? It doesn't cause pain. Just smile more, smile away. Smile genuinely, even taking pictures!
  2. Wishes that my family and friends are healthy and happy.
  3. Wishes to get to know EVEN MORE people in my life. 
  4. Get my driving licence- yes I'm way too slow.
  5. Try going to more places- explore.
  7. Draw more.
  8. Try not to worry too much in life. Everything just come and go. Whatever happens, happens.
  9. Love my body. This sounds cliche, but you have to love your body and be healthy. I've been improved a little on this one and I will continue to do so.
  10. ^due to the above list, I'm going to be determined to eat healthier next year.
  11. Don't care what other thinks about me. I love how just the way I am. If I do not like certain part of me, I will know it, and I will change it.
  12. I know trusting people is hard. It is REALLY hard to give in easily. But sometimes, I just have to give in to people who trusts ME. 
  13. Be smart in knowing the people around me. Not everyone is nice, nor is everyone bad. 
  14. To find myself- sounds so weird but um, I have to realize who I really am at this point. 
  15. Find something that I really want to do and continue to do so.
  16. Less hesitance, more engagement. 
  17. Appreciate what I have while I still can.
  18. Enjoy the most when I have the chance.
  19. Grab hold onto chances that I can get. Don't blow it away.
  20. Be more confident.
  21. Don't push people away when you need help or when they need your help, vice versa.
  22. Meet up with my old friends even more whenever I could.
  23. Learn to love.

Some of them may sound pathetic to you, but to me they mean so much. All I wish for in life is just happiness in general. There can be new and tough/ tougher lessons to face in the future, but it's not going to stop me for accomplishing some of the things I've mentioned above. At least some. I don't ask for more, but it will be great when things in 2014 goes amazingly memorable. I have hope.

So what do you wish for your New Year? A new start? Or simply just walk the life like how you do and see how it goes?

On that note, 2014, please be good to me.

Side note, I recently just started using Dayre. If you would like to see what goes on in a random daily basis, feel free to follow me :) 

Bye 2013, you've been good to me.

Abby Lim

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


It is the 11. 12. 2013 and I'm writing this, because why not?? LOL

So this may be by far the most surfaced blog I shall write. Well IT IS my first blog post anyway so lets start cracking :)

Hey guys, I'm Abby. A diploma graduate who is currently sitting her arse in front of a computer (spending most of her time rotting at home for now). Spending most of my time getting myself stuck inside the internet world a.k.a. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. and many others. I'm also known to some friends of mine as the girl who's always changing her hairstyle and "a talented drawer" *cough* no *cough*. I'm not a party kind of girl, I don't drink, and I don't smoke (I'm not the kind of person who ruins my life, peace). I'm also the kind of person who's positive in terms of changes in my life. I'm improving, and still am. Hey, no one's perfect. To get away from stress or just feel plain bored, I grab a pen/ pencil and a paper. Not writing love letters though- I draw. Drawing is like my thing throughout my life. I may not be a pro or the pros that I look up to, but I love it. For now, I draw mostly portraits of people from the internet haha. One of which will be shown below:

This is Beautycrush, Sammi, from YouTube. She's got a great fashion sense and I think you could go and check her out :)

There WILL be tons of drawings that I may put up on another blog post. So, stay tuned! I couldn't describe any further on my personality and all that jazz now. So, I'll just leave it for you all readers to figure out. 


Abby Lim