Saturday, 20 September 2014

Space Bubbles

Hey peeps! Yes! I'm back, after monthssssss... I've been really busy with college and adapting new environment. Let's just say that I've gotten the hang of it so far. These few months have been great for me even though it can be really tiring. It's really not easy to travel across the border almost every damn day to college, okay?

There have been good things that stepped into my life these few months, much appreciated. However, there's many weird situations that I encounter in Singapore and one of which was this (click to see).

During the past few months, I realized that my personal space was kind of invaded. Yes, I'm talking about PERSONAL SPACE BUBBLES. Everyone has their own personal space bubbles, some just don't have it at all. I'm talking about some who are friendly. VERY friendly.

Average people's personal space bubble is about 3 feet gap away from each other. Unless, you're a kin, or boyfriend or girlfriend, or really awesome close friends. This guy, out of the world. There's literally NO ONE sitting at the other corner of the lounge area. Seated as close as a few centimeters away, peeks into my iPad while I'm watching YouTube videos... Fuck's sake.

Of course, I resorted to leaving the fuck away from that spot before anything else gets weirder. It's already weird enough.

Have this happened to you? How close is too close?

Abby Lim